HCP Analysis


A DIGE based, proprietary technique for HCP analysis has been developed, allowing for fast and sensitive relative quantification and identification of host cell proteins. The method has been validated and is approved by legal authorities.

We also offer a combination of classical 2D western blot and fluorescent labeling of proteins to determine the coverage of specific anti-HCP antibodies. Characterization of antibody specificity and coverage are essential if antibodies are used to monitor the HCP content during a purification process of therapeutical proteins.

Since not always suitable anti-HCP antibodies are available, alternative approaches for HCP detection and quantification are required. The highly sophisticated SWATH (Sequential Windowed Acquisition of All Theoretical Fragment Ion Mass Spectra), which is basically a combination of classical shotgun mass spectrometry and SRM (single reaction monitoring) methods, allows identification and quantification of all HCPs in a biological sample. Since the methods is highly sensitive, precise, reproducible and suitable for high throughput analysis from complex biological samples, SWATH MS is the method of choice for antibody independent HCP analysis.