ICPL - Isotope Coded Protein Label

  • Stable isotope labeling in combination with mass spectrometry has emerged as a powerful tool to identify and relatively quantify thousands of proteins within complex protein mixtures. 
  • Isotope coded protein label (ICPL™) is capable of high-throughput quantitative proteome profiling on a global scale. Up to four samples can be multiplexed within one analysis (Quadruplex kit). 
  • It is the only method that shows highly accurate and reproducible quantification of proteins and is able to analyze post­translational modifications and protein isoforms.
  • Since ICPL™ is based on stable isotope tagging at the frequent free amino groups of intact proteins, it is applicable to any protein sample, including extracts from tissues or body fluids, and compatible to all separation methods currently employed in proteome studies.
  • With ICPL™ the extent and depth of the proteome study can be designed individually.
  • Together with SERVA as distribution partner, Toplab offers ICPL™ as kit for proteome studies.

For detailed method description see download section.