• Native gel electrophoresis and SDS-PAGE according to Laemmli or Schaegger are offered for the separation of proteins ranging from the highest to the lowest molecular weights.
  • Analytical or preparative scale isoelectric focusing is available using IPG-strips or Free-Flow-Electrophoresis.
  • High resolution 2D-PAGE using wide-ranging pH gradients (pH 3-10) or very narrow gradients (1 pH unit, e.g. pH 6-7) in the first dimension and any kind of SDS gel system in the 2nd dimension can be applied.
  • All kind of staining methods (Coomassie, silver, fluorescent, immunostain) can be offered, depending on the customers needs.
  • Gels can be digitalized, quantitatively analyzed and matched.
  • Sample submission :
    Protein samples should be provided as concentrated as possible and either in buffer or salt solutions not exceeding 100 mM. Samples should be free of lipids, insoluble material and organic solvents (for detailed method description see download section).
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