• We offer all kind of chromatography technologies to support our customers to solve their problems regarding complex protein and peptide mixtures: 
  • Reversed Phase (RP)-HPLC from nano- to semi-preparative scale (0.075 mm - 4.6 mm i.d.).
  • Direct nano-RP-HPLC-ESI-MS using an ORBI-Trap, a QTOF instrument or an ion trap. 
  • Multidimensional (MD)-chromatography, using ion exchange followed online by RP-HPLC, e.g. for serum analysis or separation of highly complex peptide mixtures. 
  • Ion exchange chromatography for protein and peptide separation according to net charge. 
  • Size exclusion chromatography for protein separation according to protein size. 
  • Affinity chromatography, e.g. IMAC (immobilised metal chelate chromatography) to enrich phosphopeptides. 
  • Immuno affinity chromatography, e.g. to deplete serum from albumin and other high abundant proteins.